Project focus area?

Poverty Alleviation, Educational Access, Social Works, Youth Empowerment

Countries where FeedOne Project takes place:

West African Countries. Focus on Nigeria.

What is FeedOne Project?

Akeem lost his two parents at age 12. He dropped out of school when one of his brothers starved to death. By 17, Akeem had lost all his self-esteem and would do anything to earn N50 for his next meal…even steal. FeedOne Project is that set of activities and people that transforms Akeem and several millions other “disadvantaged”; revitalizing their self-esteem and giving them a more deserving future.

FeedOne Project encourages everyone to reach-out to the less privileged in their respective neighbourhoods across Africa. Since inception in November, 2012, Feedone Project has directly reached over 15,000 families in 6 West African Countries.

FeedOne Project is addressing three major problems in developing countries: Poverty, Education, and Youth Productivity. We are empowering the youth and strengthening their civic participation in order to engage them in finding sustainable solutions to the listed problems.
The message of FeedOne Project is intended to herald a kinder, peaceful and more productive World! The Project emphasizes the need for all-of-us to be kind to one another, to look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our cultures, races, and to realize that we are citizens of the world.

What problems or issues are we solving? What is our target population?

FeedOne project focuses on 3 fundamental problems in developing and least developed countries: 1.Poverty and poor nutrition 2. Low/lack of access to education 3. Low skills and productivity of the youth

Moreover, we solve social problems! For each community FeedOne team visits, we identify social problems and fix them. Examples are: clearing refuse dumps causing environmental pollution; cleaning the streets; identifying some dirty houses and washing them; distributing detergents and toiletries to houses; gathering children and making/barbing their hair and cutting their nails; medical check-ups for the old and young; distributing food and materials to families etc.

Target Population: We aim to reach out to the less-privileged in Sub-saharan Africa. We are presently working in West African Countries.

What activities does FeedOne undertake to address these issues?

In line with our education vision, we provide financial incentives to poor families to educate their children! These incentives are mostly half (0% interest) loans and half grants. FeedOne project also empower the parents to establish small scale businesses in order to meet their daily needs.

The project is also involved in lots of Charity activities specifically decided/designed for the communities being visited per time. A few of these activities include:

  • Feeding and organizing empowerment trainings for the orphans, prisoners and street beggars in Ile-Ife. Over 2,500 were Fed in Nov, 2012.
  • Setting up sustainable SMEs for poor women in local villages and basic workshop on business management and accountability. Over 15 businesses have been successfully established. We also monitor the sustainability of these businesses and constantly try to improve on their impacts.
  • Visiting leprous colonies and showing love. The lepers in Ogbomosho, Nigeria are being visited from time to time with material donations and motivational talks.
  • Running “Feed one needy in your community” campaigns. Many countries have joined in these campaigns
  • Educational sponsorships for primary and secondary school education. We identify drop out (due to poverty) and we give scholarships to private schools.
  • Educational and inspirational books/CDs/movies distribution to secondary school students.
  • Collaborations with other youth-based organizations for stronger impacts. Etc.

What is unique about FeedOne Project?

We are more than just a charity. We revive hope to the hopeless. We are interested in researching the benefiting communities and individuals before approaching them. That way we can better offer lasting solutions to their specific predicaments. FeedOne project also incorporates a unique social business to extend the reach of her social impact.

Short About the Founder – Kehinde Fawumi.

Following his successes with implementing over 10 innovative youth projects, Kehinde Fawumi was listed among the Top 30 young people African should look up to. In 2012, he founded FeedOne Project Africa, a social enterprise devoted to solving the problems of poverty, food and youth productivity in Africa. His vision is to impact One million people by 2020, with focus on the 10 poorest countries in the world.

Kehinde is a celebrated Nigerian social entrepreneur who has represented the country on various international platforms and won many honours and awards. He is currently reading for his Masters in Computer Science at Technical University-Munich, Germany. He also works with FUJITSU, Germany on Global Innovations and Business-Process Improvement.

Kehinde‘s other brain child is Trendsetter Technologies. He leads a team of web designers and programmers that develop socially-responsible computer and mobile applications.