FeedOne Project is a social project organized to address three major problems in developing countries: Poverty, Education, and Youth Productivity. With over 300 volunteers across countries in West Africa, FeedOne Project organizes social projects in different communities with focus on solving the above-named problems.
The project was launched on Sunday, 11th November, 2012. Over 1,000 volunteers were mobilized in many communities of Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Benin Republic; to feed,  empower and provide health services for the less-privileged. In Ile-Ife Nigeria, youths fed and trained up to two thousand and five hundred less-privileged at Lagere & Sabo Commuties, Moro orphanage, Trumpet of Life Orphanage Ajebamidele, Moore Prisons, Alabameta & Kola Villages Modakeke and other communities.

Till date, FeedOne Project has reached many thousands of families; empowering them and restoring hope to them. The Project emphasizes the need for all-of-us to be kind to one another, to look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of our state or country, beyond our cultures, races, and to realize that we are citizens of the world. The message of FeedOne Project is intended to herald a kinder, peaceful and more productive World.

FeedOne Project is a project of FeedOne Social Enterprise