One of the best things we can do in our lifetime is to be a good example to others, so while we are here we need to give all we have. When we work together we fill the gaps in our world and achieve great successes. Meet an individual who joined hands with FeedOne to reach out to the less privileged. His profile is an interesting one…He rocks!

  1. What are you called…what is your name?


  1. What do you do when you are not volunteering for Feed One Project?

 I am a banker by profession, working with AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria. I also operate Readers’ Forum, an NGO which I founded by God’s grace in November 2009 (

  1. What triggered your interest in Feed One Project?

I have always had passion for humanity and loved to support friend’s project.

  1. Why did you decide to work with Feed One Project as a volunteer?

Passion and the love to support my friend (Kehinde CapacityBuilder Ogunbiyi, FeedOne Lagos Coordinator) still answers this

  1. Could you share your specific role(s) as a volunteer?

I took photographs with my Ipad during the December 2013 project.

  1. What were your favorite moments in the project(s) YOU PARTICIPATED IN?

The soap and vaseline making training for women.

  1. What times did you not like when you volunteered for Feed One Project?


  1. How has volunteering for Feed One helped you?

 Hmmmm, I got my fiancee via involvement in FeedOne!

  1. What is your advice to youth about volunteering?

Volunteering is essential for growth. It increases your network and enhances what you also do.

  1. What suggestions do you have to improve the volunteer pact?

FeedOne should work on ensuring that a pace is kept in between projects, that is, projects period should be known and kept in mind while ensuring there is something to be done.

  1. We’re glad to have known you better…can you share a favorite quote of yours?

“Life is a hyphen in between two dates” – T.D. Jakes Maximize the Moment


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