We appreciate the input of those that have helped to push the vision of this great organization. Their contribution and energy to this cause has been part of the motivation to stay with the vision. FeedOne Project is proud to have them on board and we will like to show the faces behind our race to the whole community and the world. THEY ROCK!

Today, we’ll like you to meet one of them. Here is the discussion that ensued in a bid to know her better:

  1. What are you called…what is your name?

Adenike Otugure

  1. What do you do when you are not volunteering for Feed One Project?

I’m a professional Makeup artist and also a dancer.

  1. Why did you decide to work with Feed One Project as a volunteer?

One of the things that triggered me is the fact that we are meeting the needs of people, touching lives positively, clothing them, feeding them and putting a beautiful smile on their faces really gives me joy.
4. Why did you decide to work with Feed One Project as a volunteer?

I want to be realistic here, as a little girl I grew up with people who were not my family members but they practically became one. They showered me with a lot of care support, most especially material things like clothes. 70% of my wears came from this great family of Christ, not because I had no clothe but because giving had become a culture for them which they passed on to me and I also have started passing it on to my generation. I didn’t even think it twice when a friend told me about FeedOne Project. Immediately I told him I’m in ‘cause FeedOne Project will expand my capacity of reaching out to people, especially the less privileged.
5. Could you share your specific role(s) as a volunteer?

Hummmmm! My specific role… Yea! I was part of the welfare team. We had thousands of clothes, shoes, bags, belts, wristwatches, etc. I tell you it wasn’t easy to get all I just mentioned above but passion and teamwork made it possible. I was also in charge of the feeding which I had to bring my mum in. She really supported us ‘cause that was her field. I could remember she went to the market came back started doing the cooking for thousands of people we didn’t even know, Gbemisola (another volunteer) and I assisted her all night! We didn’t sleep…we were just doing this with a lot of joy ‘cause we understood what meeting people’s need was all about. Mum didn’t collect a dime because she also understand the word GIVING and I remember when we were through with cooking my dad and sis had to come help us pack the food since we were already very tired. So, it was not my role alone…I got my family involved as well. *smile*

  1. What were your favorite moment(s) in the project(s) YOU PARTICIPATED IN?

My favorite moment was when I was giving out gift to the children and adults, you could see the smiles on their faces. I felt fulfilled, they kept smiling, laughing, and felt loved. I could remember I danced with the children, taught them a few dance steps and I could tell you they all loved it and it brought me great joy.
7. What times did you not like when you volunteered for Feed One Project?

Still thinking of that time but sincerely, there was no time I didn’t like my humanitarian service with FeedOne Project.
8. How has volunteering for Feed One helped you?

Been a volunteer for FeedOne has enlarged my capacity of giving, reaching out to people in my own little way. I now have a larger heart for people. When I see you the next thing I think of is how I can be a blessing to you.
9. What is your advice to youth about volunteering?

You don’t need to have a million dollar in your account before you can be a blessing to people around you, that little you have can go a long way.
10. What suggestions do you have to improve the volunteer pact?

To improve and increase our giving capacity so we can keep meeting people’s need.
11. We’re glad to have known you better…can you share a favorite quote of yours?

‘’When a purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable.’’ Live a life of Purpose.

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