Short Report on FeedOne Project in Nov. 2012

FeedOne Project is a massive charity movement organized to encourage everyone to reach-out to the less privileged in their respective neighbourhoods across Africa. The message of FeedOne Project is intended to herald a kinder, peaceful and more productive World! The Project emphasizes the need for all-of-us to be kind to one another, to look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of our state or country, beyond our cultures, races, and to realize that we are citizens of the world.

The project which was held on Sunday, 11th November, 2012 mobilized thousands of youth in many communities of Nigeria (Ile-Ife), Sierra Leone, Ghana, Kenya and Benin Republic; to feed,  empower and provide health services for the less-privileged. In Ile-Ife Nigeria, youths fed and trained up to two thousand and five hundred less-privileged at Lagere & Sabo Commuties, Moro orphanage,


Trumpet of Life Orphanage Ajebamidele, Moore Prisons, Alabameta & Kola Villages Modakeke and other communities.

With the aim of empowering them, FeedOne Project implemented pragmatic and sustainable capacity development projects at the different locations visited. A book library was setup at the Moore Prision, Bead-making and Catering business for the Trumpet of Life Orphanage, Organic Vegetable garden for the Moro Orphanage, Soap-making and liquid wash manufacturing at the villages, etc. These businesses are hoped to increase the productivities of these people within their communities, show them how to make better choices as regards their lives and work and, in effect, give them a more livable and prosperous life

The profound success of the Project is indicative of a promising future for Nigeria, and Africa as a whole. FeedOne Project will continue to help needy infants, youths and adults out of poverty and endemic moral depravity, we will continue to equip them with relevant skills to enable them develop themselves and their communities.

Our message should be clear to the world: that a great life is not about riches. It is not valued in substance or abundance but in its significance to humanity. Your life is not great for its duration, but for its contribution to the success of others. Our purpose on earth is to be a beacon of light so that others may find their way. If you receive kindness, remember it; if you render kindness, forget it; what you own is what you owe. More details on, or call/sms 2348067126935.

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