Our awareness that ‘the present moment is what we have’ propels us at FeedOne Project to make the best of today. There is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need. We believe she is living up to what her name represents (God’s Love) , not that she has more time but she just has MORE HEART! Meet her… Read more




We appreciate the input of those that have helped to push the vision of this great organization. Their contribution and energy to this cause has been part of the motivation to stay with the vision. FeedOne Project is proud to have them on board and we will like to show the faces behind our race to the whole community and the world. THEY ROCK!

Today, we’ll like you to meet one of them. Here is the discussion that ensued in a bid to know her better: Read more

Volunteer Power: Why people volunteer

Why People Volunteer
The Top Three Reasons People Volunteer
Why do people get involved as a volunteer in an organization? What is the motivation for people to take their time, money and talent to become involved? What does it take for volunteers to get involved and stay involved? The question is WHY?

Motivation is an inside job. People do things for their reasons, not yours, so our role is to create a organization culture that stimulates the inner motivation of each volunteer. What are the external stimuli we can use to arouse that inner motivation? Read more

In Pursuit of Comfort- The Journey through ‘Hell’ to Europe

Many people may not know about the deadly transit from Africa to Europe sought by many youth in pursuit of a better life … Guess what? Many of them die in the process while others are either jailed or lost forever. They travel through perils and risks of starvation, dehydration and death. Usually at least seventy percent never made it to Europe. They mostly end up in jail or a psychiatrist hospital in Libya or Malta.

This is the narration of Tony – one who learnt his lessons and of course wished he never embarked on the journey in the first instance. His story as an asylum-seeker demonstrates the extents to which people are willing to go to escape a variety of problems, whether political, social or economic, which they face in their countries of origin.

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The Free Dictionary defines the word ‘humaitarian’ as “one who is devoted to the promotion of human welfare and the advancement of social reforms.” It can also be defined as showing concern for the welfare of humanity, especially in acting to improve the living conditions of impoverished people. There was the need to specially recognize the need for this act because it is an evidence that you have a good heart. Being a humanitarian makes you meet different people, cultures and ways of life. Read more

International Youth Day 2015

International Youth Day 2015

IYD_20152 copyGoing back in history, International Youth Day was created by the United Nations (UN) on the 12th of August 2000. On this 15th year after its first observance, the theme is ‘Youth Civic Engagement.’ We have about 17% of youth that make up the world population with about 1.2 billion of them aged between 15 and 24.

One of the biggest issues plaguing youths today is unemployment. 24.4% of the world’s unemployed are youths. Some reasons for the high rate of unemployment among youths can be attributed firstly to lack of quality education tailored towards complementing the abilities required in the fast paced world such as the labor market. Read more

Top 100 Scholarship Opportunities for (African) Students

Many students and researchers are constantly in search of opportunities for scholarships, fellowships, grants, sponsorship etc. I thought of compiling a long list (sourced) of (Top 100) scholarship opportunities from different parts of the world. I hope you find ones relevant to your specific needs and qualifications. Please also have a look at the opportunities to check if you are eligible for their offerings. There are a good number of them that focuses on African students. Read more